Saturday, April 01, 2000

[Cheater] Fun Movie Answers

Awfully quick to come to the answer page, don't you think? Are you sure you don't want to spend a bit more time to figure it out for yourself?

Well, if you're DETERMINED to cheat, here are the answers to the Fun Movie Quiz. Highlight Mouse over to see.

0. I lied. These are hints from Fazed. The real answers are here.

1. breakthrough for actor who plays limping criminal

2. abuse in prison for minors

3. let's dance for some money

4. tattoo's for not forgetting

5. if you don't know this one, please kill your self - seriously

6. that war movie, no, the other one. No, the other other one.

7. I am funny? I make you laugh?

8. i had no idea: look things related to water and the actor (actor is Tarantino esque)

9. blind with a sword

10. gloria gaynor

11. recent movie of the scrubs star

12. see 5

13. see 6, think world war

14. it is not bruce willis and twelve monkeys.

15. nuclear bomb, playground... machines

16. Stuck In The Middle With You...

17. Hohoho,now i got a machine gun, Hans

18. stuck in a box

19. Kubrick-esque

20. think mathematics, professor

21. duh, that is without a doubt, the joker... so...

22. it is not Apocalypse Now

23. one of his lower films, at least he had some babes

24. brilliant movie, overshadowed by #12

25. First rule, you do not talk about...

26. Leo DiCaprio in bit harsher movie

27. see 12

28. the real title please, french, one name

29. will is dressed in ...

30. the english title, black haired scary girl?

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