Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recovering Lazyholic

Stumbled across this photostream recently.

Some of my favorites:




Thursday, June 25, 2009

On The Job

Installing Linux at work today. For some reason, the Ubuntu Live CD has an interesting... quirk on this hardware. If it stops getting input (mouse movement, keypresses), it stops responding. Completely.

Since we're moving partitions around, it's got quite some time before we can do anything interesting on this box. BUT, I have to sit here and move the mouse, or type (like this). For ... hours.

This is my job. This is what I'm doing with my masters degree in computer science. Wiggling the mouse.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Graduation

Saturday before last, I went through the Grad student graduation ceremony (even though technically I won't finish until August). Afterward, I spent the day with my family, culminating in a graduation dinner. AT the dinner, my sister popped open her laptop and showed us this wonderful slide show she made. This will no doubt be of interest only to me. ^_^ Show/Hide

Here it is on YouTube with annotations:

A funny thing happened on the way out of the restaurant. A bunch of us were in front of the horse statue at PF Changs, posing while 5 or 6 of our clan were snapping pictures like paparazzi. Well, this unfortunate family was stuck on the side, too polite to run through and interrupt our photo frenzy. I tried to wave them by, but the guy did me one better and just jumped into the pictures with us. ^_^

His name is Marcus. Thanks for the memory!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Heart Attack

Summer job, working for the CS department. Yesterday's task was moving pallets of paper around. Fun! Glad I skipped my morning workout in anticipation of heavy lifting. ^_^

When we got to the last load (finally!) I began to get dizzy/lightheaded. I crouched down for a moment, and that seemed to help. But we were so closed to being finished! So I pressed on.

Paper moving done, I took five and sat down with a bottle of water. Still dizzy, even sitting, and now my arms were tingling.

In fact, the more I sat, the worse it got. I made a joking comment about (haha) my arms tingling, and then my face and legs. Haha. My boss asked if I wanted to lie down on the bench nearby. Probably a good idea, I thought. Just for a moment. Just until I feel better.

Things got worse lying down. My hands went cold and numb. My entire body felt the pins and needles of when your leg falls asleep. Even my EYES (an entirely new experience).

Paramedics were called.

I had great difficulty moving my hands at this point. The hands and fingers seemed pulled back. Very strange. I also had trouble speaking, due in part to my now-numb face and tongue, and also because I stutter when I'm nervous, and I was beginning to be VERY nervous. My boss pointed out that these were signs more of a stroke than a heart attack. Strokes are one of my big fears. ^_^

Fire department arrives (hi, Kenny!). Ken tries to put me at ease while they check my heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar... everything seems fine. What? I can barely move, but apparently I'm OK.

Ambulance arrives. The recommendation is that I go to the local clinic for further examination. I opt for a car ride instead of the ambulance, because I'm poor.

When I stand up to go to the car, I nearly pass out. MUCH worse standing up than lying down. My teeth begin to chatter for no explained reason.

Game time elapsed, roughly 30 minutes so far.

I spend the next hour and a half at the clinic, and they draw blood and trace my heart and take my vitals lying/sitting/standing. Still no solution to the medical mystery. Where is the REAL Dr. House when I need him?

I'm stilling waiting to hear about the last of the blood work, but so far, I still don't know exactly what happened. It was ... a new and unpleasant experience. :-/

Anyway, just thought I would let everyone know the adventure I had yesterday. ^_^ I spent most of the day after the clinic in bed. I still feel a bit out of it, but much better than earlier (I can move all my fingers, for example). It's now after 2am, and I'm still nervous about falling asleep. What if this is the time I don't wake up? Ah, life.....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Patrick Duffy and The Crab

Discuss A Threesome Show/Hide

What did I just watch?
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[No posts = End of quarter and graduation ceremony and parties and family visiting. I really don't know when the next post will be.]

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I don't think that Britney Spears' Womanizer is a bad song. I just prefer this version. Show/Hide

How can you beat a cimbalom?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The World of Chemistry


Chlorine is hot.

Huntington's Awareness Day

Today is June 6th, and National Huntington's Awareness Day. It may be Huntington's, but it's not lupus.

It's never lupus.

(Edit: ARGH. When I wrote this post [half a year ago], there was a House/lupus video. It has since been deleted.)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Get Dropbox

So, remember my Dropbox Rant?

Well, that problem still exists, but at least they have some explanations now. And I'll admit that the (technically inclined) people that run into this problem are also the same (technically inclined) people that can run the workarounds. Really, they need to hire an interface guy, but they apparently do not agree. Anyway.

More importantly, they now have automatic versioning! So if you accidentally delete a file, or save at a bad time, or corrupt your data, they still have a good copy. Hop online, log in, and fix it. ^_^ I like it a lot.

In fact, I'm now using Dropbox to help sync up my final grad project work on all my different Win/Linux/Mac computers at home and at work. It is SUPER HANDY!

Anyway, I bring it up because today I noticed that they have a referral program now! If you follow MY LINK and sign up, you get an automatic 250 meg space bonus on top of the free 2 gigs they give you. And so do I. ^_^

So if you'd like to give Dropbox a try, or just would like to help me out, follow this link to get there.

Turbo Heather


What did I just watch?

Thursday, June 04, 2009

David Carradine

David Carradine (born John Arthur Carradine)
December 8, 1936 – June 3, 2009.

Rest in peace, Bill "Grasshopper" Frankenstein.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

For Michael

Explosions and Boobs dot com

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Christmas Disaster Special

Well, I tried and tried, but the new Blogger won't let me upload large images PERIOD. So you have to go to the site to see it. Possibly my favorite of their fantastic body of work.

The comic, "A Lesson Is Learned, But The Damage Is Irreversible" plays with form in a way too rare in my opinion.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Octopus

"Did you know the Octopus is twice as intelligent as the average kindergartner?"

"That's simply not true." I said.

"And its dreams are twice as long."

I watched it thrashing when the car moved. It was spilling Octopus water all across the back seat.

The next week our vcr and stereo were gone. The kitchen had been raided for food. Slices of bread were spread across the linoleum.

"Check the tank."

It was empty.

We found a large wet black egg between the couch cushions.

"Rub it everyday." She instructed.

Seven days later it began to squirm.

"This is it!" She declared.

I felt uncomfortable and a little nauseous. I set it on the coffee table. It wasn't going to get any more help from me.

Nothing came. I would drive home from work thinking about it.

Eventually, it shriveled up in to a little black raisin on top of the magazines. The color in all the magazines' photographs tinted green. The covers stuck to it. I had to throw them out too.

Taking the garbage bag out, I slipped in the falling snow. I cut my head and my hand and tore the bag. The little raisin tumbled in the snow, drawing a tiny path. I picked it up and licked the gash on my hand. The briny taste of its salt was in my blood. Before I could help it I consumed the entire thing. Feeling dizzy I sat down for a moment. A distant sound was in my ears.

She was watching tv as I entered. She looked me up and down. And surprisingly, I found myself studying her damaged grey eyes. I went in to my room and shut the door. I sat in bed and saw the thin blue line beneath the door flashing to the soundtrack of the television.

That night I dreamt of a throbbing heart pumping through a warm liquid.

The next night I had something in my grasp but could not open it. Whatever was inside I knew was delicious.

A few days later I drove to the harbor. I stood on one of the unguarded piers which stretched out on the inky black water. The city's neon signs bounced along the dark surface. I stripped down and stood there but could not jump in. Later, I thought, I'll finish it later.

The next night I was lying in bed. I had just awoken from a wonderful dream. I was lying in soft silt unable to focus on a blurry visage.

Only later when I walked across the living room and she did not turn her head did I realize that I was completely invisible. My body was changing colors to match its background. I waited until she prepared to go to bed and stood in her room. She slipped off her jeans. I looked for my reflection in her full length mirror swinging on her closet door and did not see it. A nightgown fell over her body and she crawled in to bed.

A few strands of blue light fell on to her sleeping form. I could hear her breathing.

The next day I did not go to work. I looked for awhile out the window where the sunlight leaked indoors. Trees stirred there in a troubled wind.

There was a knock at the door. It was the Octopus. To my horror I knew somehow it could see me. It broke the door open and scuttled furiously up the stairs. It veered suddenly to the right, making a beeline for the kitchen, going where I was going, to the drawer where the sharp knives were kept, which clattered on to the floor, spilling everywhere, gleaming brightly, sixteen in all, eight each.


(via) Tomorrow will be an actual comic from these guys.