Thursday, June 25, 2009

On The Job

Installing Linux at work today. For some reason, the Ubuntu Live CD has an interesting... quirk on this hardware. If it stops getting input (mouse movement, keypresses), it stops responding. Completely.

Since we're moving partitions around, it's got quite some time before we can do anything interesting on this box. BUT, I have to sit here and move the mouse, or type (like this). For ... hours.

This is my job. This is what I'm doing with my masters degree in computer science. Wiggling the mouse.


  1. At least it's still related to computers. :)

  2. Step 1: Buy a vibrator.
    Step 2: Attach vibrator to mouse.
    Step 3: Turn vibrator on.
    Step 4: Enjoy a mai tai.

  3. I couldn't leave the computer to buy a vibrator (or to get my hoodie; it was CRAZY COLD in the computer room).

    Now, if I could have thought of something in the CEB that vibrates...

    My phone vibrates, but I'd have to keep calling it, so that's no solution.

    Anyway, the problem was fixed with a BIOS update. ^_^ (At the end of the day, of course.)

  4. Write a script to eject removable media drive repeatedly in a loop and place mouse into tray cupholder-like fashion.