Thursday, April 29, 2004

About me

Hey everybody! It's "Get To Know Me" time!
A long time ago, I took an IQ test at eMode, and wandered to their matchmaking section (now called Tickle). I listed a profile there. Fun site, but since I've found THE ONE, I don't go there anymore. Anyway, I just went there, and grabbed my old info, and now I'm posting it here. I wonder if anything has changed...

About me
I don't suffer sports anguish. I don't scratch myself in public. I ask for directions when I'm lost. I can't parallel park well, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I can enjoy an otherwise bad movie if it has even one really good, intelligently written scene in it that makes you think. I sometimes like to see just how many people I can get together for an activity. Sometimes I’m a very laid-back, go with the flow type of guy, and sometimes I just can’t sit still and want to be out doing things constantly. I have no consistency. I have a weird relationship with the rest of my family: I enjoy their company. Visitors to my family’s home may even complain that my family likes to talk together too much.

Who He's Looking For
Tickle is a matchmaking site, but fortunately for me, I've already found someone. Originally, I wrote: I'm looking for someone who feels the same way I do. Oh, and shares my interests. Also, let's make her intelligent and funny, with no emotional hang-ups, but with a good sense of humor (meaning she laughs at my jokes). While we're at it, she’s confident, with a zest for life. Also, she should be accepting of me the way that I am, in fact, she should think I'm perfect and in no need of changing (especially my religion. I’m a devout atheist, and that is never ever going to change). In fact, as long as we are fantasizing, why don’t we go all the way? She speaks multiple languages, is independently wealthy, has supermodel good looks, and graduated Summa Cum Laude; yet amazingly she is still single and looking for a guy just like me.

Actually, she's not independently wealthy, and has not graduated yet, but it's surprisingly close!

His Interests
(Tickle strictly limits how much you can post, so these answers are all much shorter than they would be otherwise)
I am a book junkie. Mostly I read fiction, humor, scifi, fantasy stuff. Some favorite authors: Pratchett, Anthony, Tolkien, Heinlein, Feist, Harrison, Foster, Barry, Brooks, Chalker, Asimov, and more.
Part of my childhood was spent growing up on a farm, and my family owned cats, dogs, birds, fish, and other animals. I like animals, in the sense that I like to visit them at other people's homes.
Music I'm Into:
Alternative, Classical, Dance, Easy listening, Hard rock, Holiday music, Pop, Rap & Hip Hop, Rock, Soft Rock, Soundtracks
Definitely eclectic: Ace of Base, Bare Naked Ladies, Billy Joel, Bloodhound Gang, Collective Soul, Cranberries, Crash Test Dummies, Eminem, Enya, Enigma, Everclear, Foo Fighters, Genesis out of space!
My Hangouts:
Usually a coffee shop or diner where my friends and I can discuss the movie we just watched.

More About Him
I'm picky when it comes to:
What I eat. How I spend my time. What I wear. I'm not that picky when it comes to people I hang out with. I'm VERY picky (perhaps too much so) when it comes to whom I would share my life with.
In my bedroom, you'd find:
Numerous computers. An extensive movie collection. Two bookshelves (both full). Three desks (all being used). Two chess boards (Gifts. I should learn to play, everyone appears to think I can).
Best things I learned from my parents:
Independence. I could cook for myself before I could read. I've come home to find the rest of my family gone to another state for a week. In my family, we learn self-reliance as a survival trait.
Three things I can't live without:
Freedom. Justice. Truth. There are no material things I cannot live without. (Well, maybe my toothbrush)

Well, it's mostly the same now.

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