Thursday, April 21, 2005

NJ: Slashdot Hates My Posts

Just about every time I read Slashdot, they give me Mod points. Now, for those that don't read Slashdot, if you use Mod points you can't post, and if you post you can't use Mod points.

I think they really REALLY don't want me to post. There have been times when I have used 4 (of 5) Mod points and when I got down to 1, they put me back up to 5. This week, I managed to get there before they gave me more Mod points, but that lasted about two minutes.

I try to get rid of them as fast as I can, but usually by the time I've seen 5 posts worth modding up (I almost never mod down), I'm usually done with the front page. :-( I would turn modding off entirely except for the overwhelming number of bad mods I see. Don't believe me? Go meta-moderate sometime. There seems to be a significant number of moderators who don't even seem read the article for the post they're moderating!



  1. Question....on your posts...what does NJ stand for?

  2. NJ is short for Non-Journal, as in posts that don't detail recent events.

    For example, a journal entry might say that I saw "Million Dollar Baby" on Saturday, whereas a Non-Journal entry might say that I saw "Million Dollar Baby" and was not thrilled by it.

    Journal posts are more of the Here's What I Did Today variety, and Non-Journal posts are more of the This Is What I Think type.

    As Blogger does not yet (and might not ever) support categories, this is how I'm handling it. So people who aren't interested in my daily life can just ignore NJ posts.

    However, as the main point of my blog is to be an online-accessible journal (for my own benefit), it is likely that I may go back through and categorize my other posts as well. So you would have JO: Journal, OP: Opinion, WO: Work, and JA: Japan, etc.

    Unfortunately, Blogger's current controls over existing posts leave a lot to be desired, so it might have to wait until they bring their systems up to speed.

  3. In other words, it doesn't really mean anything to anyone besides Phoenix, because we all lack the mental capacity to understand his seemingly asinine method of organization.

    From what I've been able to sort out, though, whether you actually read the NJ posts or not is directly proportional to how much you love Phoenix.

    I love Phoenix a lot, therefore I read all of his posts, including the NJ ones.