Monday, March 06, 2006

[Work] My School Is Cooler Than Your School

I go into the teacher's lounge, and the science teacher has a large beaker full of liquid nitrogen. He drops a piece of bread in, picks it up with a pair of glass hashi, and EATS it.

And then blew fog out of his nose.

There's no WAY your school is as cool as mine.


  1. Sweet!

    When I was in high school, my science teacher showed us what happens when white phosphorus dries out (it catches fire, which is why it must be stored in water). It was cool because its actually illegal to own white phosphorus.

    Maybe I shouldn't have added that last part.

  2. ask him to do it again and post pictures!

  3. My high school chemistry teacher was praised by the students and hated by the school administrators for giving his demonstration of the "Popcorn Rocket"

    Fill a beaker full of popcorn.
    Then add your favorite brand of liquid oxygen.
    Take a meter stick with a match taped on the end for distance and ignite...
    It is just that simple.

    The flames would shoot up form the beaker almost to the ceiling. What did make to the false ceiling tiles were the scorched popcorn cornels would imbed themselves into the tiles. The charred remains that didn’t make it fell back to the tabletop or floor and burn their way into the surface. Good times good times.

  4.'re right.
    My schools on Tatooine.
    It's actually pretty damn hot there.

  5. Well in my high school we had a tank of snail and pond plants and fish and my fish had baby fish and then ate them as she was giving birth. My school sucked.


    lol, ah, no she hasn't an older sister. :p

    How you doin', man?

  7. no she hasn't an older sister

    Can it, dude! My gf reads this...

    Uh, and sweetie, I don't know what he's talking about. I mean, I didn't ask if she had a sister. Even if she does use linux, and is into programming...


  8. Well... the science teacher at my school never really did anything as cool as that, but we turned dimes into gold... or atleast just turned it a gold color. Wouldn't it be cool to take alchemy?


  9. PS What's wrong with using linux?

  10. I can't take Alchemy this year, I have to repeat Potions and they're at the same time. Stupid strict professor. GRR!

    Nothing is wrong with Linux. On Aikeru's blog, he was talking about his female friend. Using Linux and being into programming were positive attributes.

    (Snape is innocent)