Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[Me] The Inevitable Return

I'll be back when my typing speed returns to normal.

Well, THAT was clearly a damn, dirty lie. ^_^ Sorry about that.

I didn't say how I broke my finger? Playing basketball with my students. Two of us went for the ball at the same time ... and ... crunch. The student, who was apparently made of titanium-steel, was completely unfazed.

The good news is that I can mostly move it again. It still hurts when I bump it while I'm washing my hands though. And when I make a fist. And when I click the mouse. And when I type the letters y, u, h, j, n, and m (and I just typed them all out because: I'm retarded).

I wish I had taken a picture when it was all wrapped up but I didn't. I =did= take a picture when it was swollen and purple, but the lighting wasn't good so they didn't turn out. Plus, it was way-hard trying to focus the camera with only my left hand...

It's super-frustrating when one of your primary outlet's requires the use of a body part that is temporarily out of commission. I had so many things I wanted to write down...

The two too-long graduation ceremonies, farewell to some of my favorite students, how it SNOWED again, goodbye to the old teachers, hello to the new teachers, things my girlfriend and I argue about, the tiny tiny new students, how I cried real tears when I watched the episode of West Wing when Leo died...

I also saw many interesting posts on other sites that I didn't have a chance to respond to. I could almost touch-type with my middle finger acting as substitution, but the almost meant a LOT of mistyping and errors, which meant everything took almost twice as long to write.

Anyway. I'm semi-back now, but I likely won't be posting every day (or possibly even every week) for a while yet.

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  1. aww that sucks :( hope it gets better soon.

    I remember when i last did my finger in. I was bringing in my new computer, first computer i had ever owned, and in my excitement i caught my thumb in the car door... shit that was painful ~_~