Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[Holiday] Today is the Glorious 25th of May

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...were you there?

As both a Terry Pratchett fan and a native of Spokane (the Lilac City), this day has a special meaning for me.

What is the Glorious 25th of May?

RIP John Keel, et al.

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Why do I care about a holiday commemorating a fictional battle? After all, how can any of us celebrate it? None of us were there.

The fight was not real, that is true, but the IDEAS are. That is enough for me.

Fittingly, today is also Towel Day, in honor of the late Douglas Adams.


Finally, today is *also* the anniversary of the release of the original Star Wars. I don't really care about that, but it is a coincidence worth mentioning.

RIP Anakin.

Today should be a catch-all holiday for all nerd-dom.

(Man, this was a link-heavy post!)

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