Sunday, March 09, 2008

How much are you worth in bed?

Normally I avoid all things Internet-quizy, but this one's about sex. And like sex, I couldn't resist it.
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  1. $1,086. Now that I know this, Emily better start paying me!

  2. I'm worth $1,117/hr. It is wrong that this gives my self esteem boost?

    Mike since I'm worth more than you, "you are in a position to demand nothing." to quote a well oiled and well bronzed man.

  3. To finish the well oiled and well bronzed man's quote, " in a position to grant nothing." In other words, you're not getting laid for a while!

  4. Wait, so EVERYONE is worth more in bed than I am? Damn, I need to start taking lessons or something.