Thursday, September 25, 2008

Confusing Map

(Click for larger)

This is the map for my office.

Where is room 312B. Are you sure?
How about room 312D?
Room 312E?
Room 307H?

One of those 307H rooms is actually 307G. The 307G on the map is in reality 307J.

So, yeah. Lots of mistakes here.

I only found this today (after being here for a year) because a lot of students were coming in looking for 307G. How could they be confused, there's a map? Ah.


  1. sure, they should update the map, but i also think the students should have the ability to scout the area for the right room at the very least...

  2. They should. But...

    *SO* many students stopped at Kosuke's door. He's in room 308. Right past 306. The students were looking for 307something.... so it must be Kosuke's room, right?


  3. This week I have had similar yet sadder experiences with students looking for rooms.
    1) There is a sign down down the hall from me that says student employment is located in Sutton 103. So naturally students see it and read Showalter 103 (my boss's office). I usually correct them before they finish their question and they just look more confused. They eventually listen and understand and go across the street.
    2) My office door is located at the top of the stairs that lead to Showalter 109 the big auditorium (which used to be a pool). There is a sign on the wall right by my boss's door that says: "SHW 109 downstairs --->." There is also a sign painted above the bottom of the stairs that says SHW 109. Still I have had at least 3 students look around confused, go downstairs change their mind, and walk into my office to ask where 109 is. I say downstairs and they say "That really big room?" Well it's the only room down there so no I mean the small one on the left.
    Students can be negligent when it comes to looking for their classes.

  4. Speaking of Showalter/Sutton, I was over in Sutton for financial aid with a friend, and we BOTH referred to the building as Showalter a couple times. (We did correct ourselves after a minute)