Friday, November 21, 2008

I Hate Stupid People

So, this great site called "Let me google that for you" showed up on Digg. I *LOVE* this site. You can get a URL that will take someone to an animated page where it types in their query and presses submit and sends them to the Google search results. Fantastic!

Then, in the comments, someone suggested this link. It's a LMGTFY link that takes them to the JFGI site. JFGI is another great site for people tired of asking them questions they could be asking Google. Brilliant!

But the long URL gives it away, so I wanted to make a TinyURL. A handy new feature of TinyURL is that you can specify the codeword in the link. So, instead of I could have something like EXCEPT I CAN'T.

Someone (quazerjim) took that URL already. It looks like they wanted it to be a recursive call to LMGTFY. But they failed, oh so miserably.

FIRST of all, Google doesn't index redirects. SO, it was never going to work anyway.

SECOND, they didn't type in the query correctly! Did they even TRY? CHECK YOUR LINKS, PEOPLE!

lmgfty was taken, jfgi was taken... Sheesh.

I did manage to get a SnipURL though:
Should be easy enough to remember, if you ever need it.


  1. i hate stupid people too

  2. Try just going to

  3. Wow, way to miss the ENTIRE POINT, Anonymous.

    In related news, anonymous commenting is now disabled.