Thursday, April 22, 2010


BECAUSE I keep forgetting what it's called, here's a post I can look for later. This morning I was trying to remember what it's called when someone takes an image, and you see a sequence of zooms, usually to a close-up of someone's face. Apparently, that's a Tenso.
The word “tenso” is Portuguese for “tense”. This is a meme that spread through Brazilian blogs and forums in 2009, and consists of an image edited to form a sequence that closes up the frame and emphasizes a “tense” face or situation.
(Thanks, KnowYourMeme!)

This post is what brought it up, and culminated in me making the following Tenso:

I don't get why Donald is so miserable about being in the water.

He's a duck.

Who served in the Navy.
(ILikeBumblebees, same Reddit thread)

(Also, it's frustrating how small Picasa limits linked images now)

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