Tuesday, November 30, 2004


So, it's test day here in Japan. Finals, today and tomorrow. Which means I have no classes. However, I still have to go to work (it's all about presence).

So far, I've read all my e-mail and all the blogs I regularly frequent (that are work safe). That's one hour down....

Besides studying Japanese (which, it turns out, you CAN do too much, after which your brain asplode), I brought a few books to pass the time, but I'm not in the mood to leave the computer just yet. However, with NaNoWriMo over (weep), I suddenly find myself with much more free time.

So, just now, I decided to start drinking coffee again, something I've been trying to cut down at work (and instead, I've been going to sleep at reasonable hours, which works much better). But...tragedy...or is it?

There was no ready-made coffee just now, so I resorted to instant. However, whomever opened the coffee this time didn't just poke a hole in the seal (as is usual), but tore the seal off entirely. Normally, I shake the can over my cup, and it trickles out slowly...slowly. This time, I applied the same motion and WOAH! Too much! Seriously, it filled maybe close to half the cup (and this is a big cup). Even for me, this was too much, and I thought about pouring some back, but...well...it was ALREADY in my cup. What could I do?

I went ahead.

I added some sugar (more than usual, to go with the more-than-usual amount of coffee), and hot water. It took a while for the coffee to dissolve; I think it was close to the saturation point for the water.

At this time, it resembled....chocolate syrup.

I added milk. It didn't lighten the coffee as much as I expected. The coffee became slightly less ink-black and more of a dark charcoal black.

And I'm drinking it now. The sugar...cannot be tasted. The milk...I don't know. The coffee...the coffee is definitely detectable. The image of chewing the grinds in my mouth comes to mind.

I wonder if this will affect me in any way...

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