Tuesday, January 31, 2006

[Slashdot] Rumors of Pratchett Film

kongjie writes "The BBC reports on the rumored possibility of Terry Pratchett's novel Wee Free Men being made into a Hollywood film, with Raimi attached to it. This would be the first, although in the past his stuff has made the television screen."

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  1. It had better not suck like the animated ones did.

    Paraphrased conversation from previous attempt to make Mort:

    Studio Exec: Terry, the script is great, but test-audiences were kind of depressed by a seven-foot-tall skeleton, so we need you to take him out.
    Terry Pratchett: Death?
    SE: Yeah.
    TP: Have you read the script?
    SE: Yeah, and it's great! But we really need you to take Death out.
    TP: He's the main character!