Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Late (update)

I went downstairs to take a picture of the "T.T." in question (not that I can send pictures to the blog ...yet), but it has already been changed to tomorrow's schedule.  Doh!  I hate missed opportunity.

However, *ALL* of tomorrow's Team Teaching lessons (regularly scheduled and otherwise) have BIG "T.T."s on them.  Someone may have been scolded for my tardiness this morning, and it wasn't me.


  1. That or that small T.T. from yesterday was added after the fact so as to save face and shift the blame onto you.

    "What? No, I wrote T.T. on the board. See? Phoenix-san is just a crazy gaijin."

  2. I thought of that too, but they would have had to have done it during 1st period...

  3. AHA! The Japanese comments page is NOT blocked! Huzzah! Success!

  4. Update:

    Today, no T.T.s at all.

    You know what I love about working here? The consistency.