Friday, May 25, 2007

Thomas' Meme

  1. What is your official job title?
    Assistant Language Teacher Until the end of July anyway. Then I will be returning to EWU as a grad student and working as a systems administrator. Yay for me!
  2. Do you wear a watch? If so, is it digital or analog? If not, why not?
    I wear a dual analog-digital Fossil. It's way old, but I love it. It has the time in Japan and the West Coast, so I know if it's a good time to call or not. Sadly, they don't make this model (or anything remotely like it) anymore.
  3. What's a really great but fairly obscure website that you visit regularly? is where Lore Sjöberg went to after he disappeared from the formerly-excellent Table of Malcontents. (Here is a small taste of what it used to be like) He also writes Alt Text.
  4. How long can you hold your breath?
    I'm back up to 2:45. Not quite three minutes, but I'm almost there again. (I think it helps that I have basically no muscle mass to drain that precious precious oxygen from my blood ^_^)


  1. Make sure to come over anytime you want. Glad to get to see you again.

  2. You are coming back to EWU? Are you by chance going to return to us in Dryden?

  3. I am indeed 99% likely to return to EWU. ^_^ I've been accepted, I have a graduate assistantship, I'm pretty much set. But if some company wants to hire me out of the blue and offers me $100,000/year to come work for them instead.... ^_^

    Hmm, back to Dryden? On one hand, it was a great place to live, and it is for non-traditional students (and since I'm 47, that certainly qualifies me ^_^). On the other hand, I'll spend most of my time at the computer building, the body shop, or the P.U.B. The beer cans (salt and pepper shakers?) are much closer... ^_^

    Also, you're still at EWU? It would be nice to see a familiar face. ^_^

    Also, notice how I end every thought with a smiley face? ^_^ What's up with that? ^_^ I may have suffered brain damage from working here for so long. ^_^

  4. I am going to say this even though I am aware that I am going to sound like a valley girl....

    OH MY GOD! Pheonix is coming back...::happy dance:: Woohoo.

    Okay...moving on. Congrats on your grad assistantship. I actually got an grad assistantship for next year as well...check it out....I am going to be the Graduate Community Director for DRYDEN HALL! This basically means I am an RLC only part time (I don't do RLC on call).

    Things you must know....first of can not seriously be considering living in Pearce or Dressler! The Recreation Center is being built where married student court was....should be open for people to work out in (read new Body shop) by Spring next year. It is loud, and a pain in the ass with the dust and all...but most of that should be taken care of by the time you get here.

    And yes, we need to get together once you get here. Dan (Sneaky Pete) may be the last of the residents here to remember you, and he will be graduating for good at the end of summer quarter. Stevie B is still around. Dryden has won the Canned Food Drive for the 4th year in a row (at least 4 anyway)....I am ACA of Dryden this year....I represented Dryden and NRHH in the fricking Ms. Eastern Pageant, and check it...actually made the top three....wierd. Anyway I should go, I am sounding entirely too valley girlish again.

  5. I lied...Wade Blanton is still here. He will be moving to the closet next to your old room.

  6. H MY GOD! Phoenix is coming back...::happy dance:: Woohoo.

    (^_^) I get that a lot.

    I am going to be the Graduate Community Director for DRYDEN HALL!

    They are doing GCDs again?! They stopped after Rob (my first director at Dryden, 7[!] years ago). That's much better than my job! you think they might need a new GCD for Brewster? Or Anderson...?

    How do GCD benefits compare to RLCs?

    you can not seriously be considering living in Pearce or Dressler!


    The Recreation Center is being built where married student court was

    Who did the what now? Married Student Court is gone? New Body Shop? H'rmmm....

    I'm hesitant to go back to Dryden, because I was there for four years, and although it would be quite comfortable, I'd lean towards new experiences. Anderson maybe though.

    No matter where I end up, I'll try to come by Dryden to cruise for chicks. Hey, baby. How you doin'?

  7. Chelle, do you have my e-mail address?