Wednesday, May 26, 2004


So, I still live on campus (for the next few weeks anyway). Living on campus is great for the social aspects, but in many other ways it falls short. Right now, there is a rumor going around that a malicious hacker was inside our network. The result? Almost all the ports are now blocked, theoretically to retard the hacker's progress.


Now I can't do many of the things I used to enjoy on the internet. All because either we have a real hacker and they're trying to stop him(her/it/whatever), or our internet service here just plain doesn't do their job right.

I really don't know which way to lean on this one. On one side, I don't really know enough about hacking to say that there ISN'T a hacker on the network, and on the other the internet service providers, while being the best I've experienced in my four years here, are sub par.

Either way, it means no webcamming for me for a while. Or games. Or downloads. Or...

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