Saturday, May 01, 2004

News news news...

So, I've decided to keep my personal life and my JET life separate. From now on, my JET related posts will be here, and my personal posts will be at and hopefully I can remember to keep them straight.

In actual JET news, I found an e-mail in my SPAM folder from the JET office in Seattle informing me that I had forgotten to sign my passport before making copies. D'oh! Well, after I found the e-mail I sent a reply back asking if I should express mail the new copies to them. My concern was that this minor issue might be a major issue if it were holding up my paperwork.

In any event, I didn't receive a reply, and after I waited for as long as I could I rushed to the post office to mail them off. I'm going to send them express anyway, I thought to myself.

Alas! In vain! BTW, does the post office close early on fridays? Seriously. So, now it's closed, and not open on saturday, so the soonest I can send it off is monday the 3rd. In the JET paperwork, it does emphasize in BOLD letters that all paperwork needs to arrive no later than April 27th. Woe is me.

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