Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Don't You Hate It When...

...you're talking to your girlfriend about something you two did together a long time ago, and halfway through you remember that it was with your previous girlfriend, but you've already halfway convinced her that it happened and that she is the one with the bad memory?

...you download a Not Safe For Work file, because you're at work, and you'll forget the site by the time you get home, but then you forget about the file, and you open it when you're cleaning up your desktop, and you happen to be at work again, and you forgot to turn the speakers off?

...you sell your region-free DVD player right before moving to another country (because you are an IDIOT), and then you get DVDs for Christmas, and then you see what looks like a great player on someone else's blog, but then find out that Best Buy doesn't deliver to Japan?

I hate it when that happens.


  1. I'll buy you one if you pay for it and shipping.

  2. Um, I think you can find them still on jlist.com, if you're willing to visit the site.

    (I believe that's where I got my two at least)


  3. I should note (because of an e-mail I received) that the first two haven't actually happened to me, I just imagined them and figured I would probably hate it if that happened. So that settles that.

    As for the DVD player, ironically jlist.com is not accessible from Japan (unless you're a computer nerd like me and can figure out how to use a public proxy or coral cache, but it's slow, and a pain, but anyway...). You get a page that says "it looks as if you are accessing us from Japan." I felt like a criminal. :)

    The advantage of the above-mentioned player is that it is $40, which is less than the international shipping for one of the players on jbox.com (the jlist equivalent for Japan, sans 18+ items).

    What I really need is a region-free PS2. I notice that a lot of the games I wanted to get for it are disappearing from stores recently, so it may be getting close to the too-late line. They don't sell soldering irons at the DIY stores here, so I may be out of luck.

  4. Again, if all you need is a soldering iron...

  5. Get one of the no-solder unlockers on memory card (or boot disk) from http://www.modchip.com/ps2/v56pnporder.htm

    (this one does have a boot disk which sucks, but since it plugs in via the ribbon cables in the box, it's a solder free option)


  6. Re: the first thing: Never had that happen. But I bet it would be nice to be in a situation where that *could* happen.

    Re: the second thing: I try to avoid NSFW stuff on my laptop at all, so there's never any incriminating evidence if I, say, let a coworker/friend/little sister use it. I mean, that's what a friend of mine said he does. Yeah, that's it...

    However, it is embarrassing when I decide to boot my laptop during class, and I have the volume turned most of the way up, and the Windows startup chime causes a noticeable disturbance in the class.

    Re: the third thing: What on earth were you thinking, getting rid of that nice modded AD-1500? For shame... (and it's not like you don't know anyone state-side that would be generous enough to send you one for cost+nominal fee). That CyberHome player is nice and hackable, too, perhaps even better than most Apex models. I hear it even does PAL/NTSC conversions. Been thinking about getting one of those for my roommates to use with the upstairs TV.