Monday, January 03, 2005

NJ: Free Million $ Idea

Because I love you all (and because I'm far too busy to do it myself), I'm going to give you an idea of mine, free, GUARANTEED* to make you a millionaire! Just remember my finder's fee (10%) when you hit the big time:

Microwave Lids®
Tired of messy splatters in your microwave every time you heat up a can of thick, delicious [INSERT CHILI SPONSOR HERE]? I know I am!

Tired of having to use [INSERT PLASTIC SPONSOR HERE] wrap to cover something you're only going to microwave for a minute? You better believe it!

Try a new Microwave Lid©!

Microwave LidsTM are flat, to cover any open container, and come in several sizes to fit your needs!

Microwave LidsSM are made of microwavable plastic a space-age clear polymer that wipes clean with a damp cloth!

What are you waiting for? Run to your nearest [INSERT STORE SPONSOR HERE] and pick up some, today! Right now! Go, go, go! Storm the front!

*Guarantee not guaranteed.


  1. It's no good. You've over-complicated it. You can't have several sizes, you need one "cure all" sort of lid. Something that is either really big that you just place on top of whatever you're zapping, or something where you can adjust the size.

    You shouldn't need it to seal in anything, because you don't want a seal in the microwave, anyway. So I think just a big plastic disk would be perfect.

    Excuse me while I call my patent lawyer. -)

  2. I was thinking exactly of big plastic (non-stick/easy clean) clear disks with a handle.

    I remember this old universal lid for cooking on the stove that was like that. It was big and fit over just about everything. That's pretty much what I picture.

    But you DO need different sizes (at least two - Large and Small), because some things are too small. I have these small rice bowls with really small bases. I don't want to have to play a balancing game every time I want to nuke something.

    Call your patent lawyer! I'm putting this idea out there because it's something I would use myself (and the small-business-idea challenge is over for this year [just missed it]).