Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pavlov's Cat

I found that I have an unfortunate Pavlovian reaction to a certain sound.

I woke up the other day, before my alarm (it happens sometimes, even with only five hours sleep). I was sitting there, groggy-eyed, trying to plan my day, when the alarm went off.

I immediately leapt into action. Belying my previously sedentary status, as quick as a flash, and with the accuracy of a surgeon, my hand flew to the snooze button. Before I had fully realized what I had done, my OTHER hand had grabbed my cell-phone and flipped the lid open. The cell's alarm is synchronized (within a few seconds) with my clock radio, and my hand was already in position when the first beep sounded. Click. Snooze.

Alarms taken care of for now, my hands grabbed the blanket and pulled it around my body, and I was out like a light.

Nine minutes later, the alarms went off again, and I got out of bed. But the thing is, I was AWAKE before they went off the first time.

Darn habits.

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