Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Close Call

So, last week, the Nishi school (my thr-fri school) asked me to switch the 15th (tue) with the 17th (thr), because the graduation ceremony is going to be held on 15th. Higashi (my mon-tue-wed school) is holding their ceremony on the 14th. So I can go to both, which makes me happy, because the students at both schools are awesome.

On wed I asked one of my teachers at Higashi what I should wear, and she said that the teachers were going to wear black suits. I said, "Monday is the 14th, right?" "Right," she said.

Which means I had the weekend to get a new tie.

During pictures, I wore my black suit and black tie, and they asked me to change it. My tie was black, which is what you wear to funerals. Another teacher lent me a pearl-white tie, like all the other teachers wore, and that was fine. But this time, I would have to have my own tie.

So, fri or sat I was at the store and I picked out a nice tie (cheap, scotch-guarded, pearl-white). And forgot about it.

Now it's monday. I didn't do laundry this weekend, so I was trying to pick out my cleanest clothes to wear to school. Is this enough dirt to be noticable? I was heading off to the shower, when I realized: It's Monday! The 14th! Graduation ceremony!

I dash back upstairs and dig out my black suit. I hadn't worn it since picture day. When I was getting dressed, I opened the package on my new tie.

My new too small. Much too small. I can't tie a Windsor. I can't even tie a half-Windsor. There's not enough tie. I ended up tieing a quarter-Windsor (it's possible), but it's kind of loose.

Whew. That was close. Imagine how embarrassed I would be if I showed up at school in my old dirty clothes for graduation ceremony! Really, really, close call.

And now I'm at school. And no one is wearing a black suit except me. Graduation ceremony is MARCH 14th, which is also a monday.

Ah....the sting of I remember what you feel like. It's been too long. At least my co-workers will get a kick out of it. :D Haha! That crazy American!


  1. If would have been me, I would have pulled the pants up too high and tied the tie properly, so that it was also too short. Laugh at me? Exactly! So, ha!

  2. Yeah! Too bad I left my glasses at home!