Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random News

  1. I got a package from home! It included a bottle of my allergy medication (loratadine), 90 days worth. I had six of my old pills left. So, it's not like I was worried or anything. Happy It also had a bottle of my favorite mouthwash, which had unfortunately opened during transit. Crying 2 Almost everything was encased in ziplock bags though, so it was mostly ok. It did eat away at the side of the box, however. Perhaps that's why the nice folks at Japan Post opened it? Though, when they re-taped it, I don't know why they didn't tape up that side of the box.
  2. Speaking of Japan Post, I sent a CD and DVD to my friend George in India. When I was sending it, I was given the choice between regular mail ($3.30) and speedy special mail ($9.00). Being the cheapskate I am, I said regular mail. ... There was a hesitation....the man at the post office asked me if I was sure. Sure I was sure! ... Hesitation... He then told me that in his country (that would be: JAPAN) bad men open packages and take out valuables. In Japan? I thought the Japanese were all honest and hard-working! But, since I wasn't sending valuables anyway (two pieces of media, total value maybe $2.00), I said that was OK. ... Hesitation... He decided to just check if I could even send it the other way. It didn't cover everywhere on the globe, and I was sending it to a kind of obscure place...so, tap tap tap on the computer. You know what? I can't use the special speedy service. In fact, I'm going to have to pay extra for the regular mail service. So, now we're up to $8.00. Sigh.
  3. They changed the vending machine in front of my house. I don't often use it, but tonight I did. When I was getting my drink, I noticed that it wasn't covered with the usual mass of moths that are normally attracted to the always-on light. No, it was covered with a mass of MOSQUITOES! Possibly the most mosquitoes I've seen in one place at one time. It was definitely a back-away-slowly moment.
  4. I've had this odd stomach sensation for a while now. It comes and goes. The past few days though, it hasn't been going. It's pretty much stayed constant. It's not pain, per se, just...a feeling. Like someone's poking me in the belly. Or tugging on my intestines. Or something. It's hard to describe. Anyway, I thought it would go away after a few days, but it's staying constant (or getting worse). How long should I wait before going to a doctor? I think I'll give it another week at least, unless I double-over in class tomorrow.
  5. I'm going to Tokyo for a JET conference, June 6-8, so if I don't post for a while...it'll be just like I was still here. Happy


  1. 1. WTF? They opened your package? Were they worried it had a severed head in it? And what proof do you have that nothing is missing?

    2. Of course they steal things! See 1, above. Also, I'm not sure if I would call Tibet obscure. Well...

    3. Shouldn't the moths be there eating the mosquitos? What =do= moths eat?

    4. I have this weird stuff on my arm. It's been there for about a month now. Morah and I think it's pityriasis rosea, but we're not sure. It's supposed to go away within three months, so if I still have it in two months, I'm going to see a dermatologist.

    5. Yeah, I would have said something this last time, but since you made such a big deal about it =last= time you stopped posting for a while... Plus, it's not like I don't do the same thing (it's always sad when a Friday Funday post is replaced by the next Friday Funday post).

  2. 1. I often get my packages pre-opened for my convenience, if it was sent from outside Japan. I've never had anything taken. I even had a magazine opened once, that was a bit weird. It came with a note, but in Japanese. Maybe the end of the magazine package had torn open or something. I don't know. It doesn't bother me.

    The strange thing is, I was sent allergy medicine, but there was some confusion over which kind I needed, so I was also sent some sudafed. Well, sudafed is illegal in Japan, you can't buy it even with a prescription. They didn't take that out of the box.

    2) I meant, where George is in India. He's not in a major city, or even a minor city.

    3) From the Butterflies and Moths FAQ:

    Q: What do butterflies and moths eat?
    A: Butterflies and most moths (some moths don't eat as adults - see Cecropia, Polyphemus, and Luna) feed through a tube-like tongue called a proboscis so their food must be liquid. Many feed on nectar from various flowers while others feed on a variety of moist rotting matter including, fruit, sap, animals, and animal droppings. Some butterflies will also visit mud puddle to sip nutrients from soil.

    4. It's now Thursday, and I've had this sensation in my stomach since at least Saturday (and maybe earlier, it hadn't been going on long enough to be concerned with, back then). I'm tempted to look up the symptoms, but I'm trying to cut down on my Hypochondria (*Gasp* I have Menopause!).

    5. I mean to post more often, but I don't always have time to write something significant, and don't want to write something trivial. At this point, though, I decided to write anything just to get back into the habit.

  3. That's what moths eat? Hmm. Now they just seem like really lame butterflies.

    And I know what you mean about not wanting to post something lame, I often find myself trying to come up with anything to post.

  4. The problem is, I always want to post things, all the time. I have to resist.

    I mean, does it interest anyone else that I had a class where EVERY student raised their hands on some questions (very energetic, almost fighting over the chance at the questions, shouting out the answers)? It might interest other teachers, or other JETs specifically, but the vast majority of people wouldn't care.