Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Work Life III

I didn't have any classes from Friday through Tuesday, and if they had told me about that beforehand, I could have taken the time off!

There's nothing like getting a call on Sunday night to tell you to bring your own lunch on Monday because the students are going home at noon after their tests. Not that I'm still bitter about it or anything. Happy

The worst thing was the fact that everyone was surprised that I came to work. Well, of course I'm going to come to work, if no one tells me the schedule has changed! Not Amused I just found out that the school trip is next week, Wednesday through Friday. It was mentioned in conversation, no one has actually told me anything about it yet.

No one has said what I should be doing that Wednesday. Maybe they'll tell me to go to my visiting school a day early, I don't know.

I have to pay my "Low Displacement Car Tax" and for some reason, the only place I can do this is at the bank. The bank that is only open briefly during work hours. I missed my window during lunch, and didn't go later because I have a class. Or, I should have a class. Apparently, the schedule isn't quite right today, either. Now it's after 3pm, and the bank is closed. I won't have another opportunity to go to the bank while it's open until MONDAY.


  1. Wow. Japan is a cool place, but after reading your blog for the past few months, I'm crossing it the hell off my list of potential places to live.

  2. It's still a cool place, but I'm still getting used to the quirks. It would be the same for someone trying to live in America.

    Hawai'i is looking better and better though. :-)

  3. i think you have a week's worth of 'grace' time on the car thingy payment before they start charging interest.

  4. Except by the time my BoE gave the notice to me, it had already expired. I've received a second notice already (of course, the Japanese idea of late charges is $1 per few months so I'm not too worried).

  5. that's odd. the due date on mine isn't until the 31st.

  6. "Hawai'i is looking better and better though."

    And you still get a strong Asian influence.

    Nice `okina, by the way.

  7. 1) I already have a late charge on the 2nd notice.

    2) Nice `okina, by the way. I used an apostrophe instead of ` (fix fix fix)

  8. Ach! You can't edit comments? Pô`îno nô!

  9. No catagories =and= you can't edit comments? Man. Of course, with MovableType... -)

  10. get the office lady to pay it for you. problem solved.

  11. re: Categories
    I could add categories in Javascript (maybe even CSS). It wouldn't be impossible, but each feature I add:
    A) increases the page size.
    B) slows down the rendering.

    Still, I've thought about doing it for a while, and I most likely will eventually. I've also thought about making a non-censored version of the blog accessed by adding something before myrighteye in the URL, because there are times I want to talk (complain about) things I don't want my little brother reading.

    There are lots of things I can do. :-)

    It would be nice if Blogger did it for me, but they don't. It's still worth the price though.

    re: Office Lady
    That's not an option at my job, apparently. ACH! I worked through lunch and FORGOT TO PAY THE BILL! **AGAIN!**

  12. you work at 2 schools...surely ONE of them can help you out. i mean, they make trips to the bank on behalf of the school on a regular basis anyway...

  13. The official word (I asked) is:

    At my main school (close to the bank), my only option is to find some free time when they're open and ask the vp if I can go, and go myself.

    At my visiting school (far from the bank), my only option is to TAKE VACATION TIME (since I can take it in 30-minute increments), if I have any personal business that needs to be taken care of, such as going to the bank. Sadly, this is not a joke.

    I love my job, but some of the quirks at my schools are a bit out there. I know other schools do it a bit differently (read: more sensibly), and it's tough to fight the jealousy. Some of the things they do here just don't make any sense. :-(

  14. which is your base school? asahi - the one with the vp from hell? and just how many classes are you teaching each day? i teach 4 classes a day and with my 2 free periods, no one ever notices when i go 'missing' (as long as all my prep work is done and i come back in time for the next class).

    worst case scenario: leave the money and your bill on the OL's desk with a "yoroshiku" note attached to it.

  15. 30 minute increments? And people say Americans work too hard...

  16. Anonymous, what's your name? Is it Bruce Wayne? I think it's Bruce Wayne. Is it?