Friday, June 03, 2005

Phoenix Goes to Tokyo Part II

Phoenix Starts Packing

Here's a question for you: What should I take with me to Tokyo? My laptop? My camera? My camcorder?

1. My laptop.
Initially, I thought: there's absolutely no reason to bring this. It's just one more thing to lug around that I probably won't use anyway, so why risk breaking or losing it? Then I thought: on the other hand, for those long hours traveling there and back, I could be watching movies on it. That's what I did on the plane ride here (actually, the guy next to me on the plane also brought his laptop, so we were pretty much set the whole trip). Hmm. Right now: against.

2. My camera.
Initially, I thought: I want to take pictures of Tokyo and post them on my blog! Then I thought: on the other hand, I want to take pictures so I can look over them later and reminisce. Right now: for.

3. My camcorder.
Initially, I thought: With my camera, what the heck do I need my camcorder for? Then I thought: on the other hand, during JET orientation in Tokyo, there was a FANTASTIC speech (the theme was "JET-lag" which was a euphemism for "hung-over"). Who gave that speech? Was it Hew Oliphant? I wish I could remember. Someone from CLAIR I think. Anyway, I would have really REALLY liked to have gotten that on record. What if there is another speech like that? Doubtful, considering how many other long (boring) speechs there were to sit through. Right now: on the fence.

Choices, choices.

Is there anything else important I'm forgetting?


  1. Clean underwear?

    Laptop: Against
    Camera: For
    Camcorder: For, provided it's not too cumbersome and it wouldn't bother you to carry it around the whole time, even if you didn't end up using it.

  2. Ach! Clean underwear! Where were you a few days ago when I was still packing?

    Laptop: Didn't.
    Camera: Did.
    Camcorder: Didn't.

    On the way back I remembered that the camera has a burst-mode, and a lot of the crappy pictures I took would have been better if I had taken them slightly before or after. Alas, I remembered that feature too late to be of use. I also remembered too late to lock the film-exposure setting at 100. Doh! So, I have a lot of REALLY crappy pictures, and only a couple good ones. I'll try to remember to post those when I get home.

    I didn't miss having the camcorder. I could carry my camera constantly and forget I had it; I couldn't do that with the vidcam.