Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Strange Moments

So, I missed a call (because I forgot and left my phone in vibrate mode after school was over) from my fellow Asahian, Lewis. When I called him back, the signal was weak, so I could barely hear what he was saying. But, instead of admitting it, I tried to continue talking while walking to the part of the house with stronger signals.

That part happens to be near the upstairs balcony window. The window is open (because it's crazy-hot right now), and a gentle breeze is blowing the curtains.

As the curtain billows up, I catch a brief glimpse of outside. Of a man outside. Of a man standing outside my 2nd story window. Looking at me.

Did I just see what I thought I saw?

As I'm struggling to continue the phone conversation (and, really, I should call Lewis back and explain what happened, and also ask what we talked about, as I really can't recall, since my mind was on other things [I just hope I didn't sound too much like a loony {more than I normally do}]), I peek out the window again. Who is this man outside my open window, looking in my direction?

It's my landlord!

Earlier, I had pointed out to him that the wood support under the balcony had fallen out, and he was out there looking at it. He just happened to be standing in a spot where looking at the balcony lined him up to also look at the window.

So, quite the relief! This time...

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