Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Work Life IV

It was POURING rain this morning. My feet and ankles were soaked from rain (not puddles) just carrying my garbage out, because they stuck out from under the umbrella.

It's one of those days.

Also, I just realized that I forgot to bring new hot cocoa mix with me. I like to mix it in with my coffee, instead of creamer or sugar. As I was getting ready this morning, I even thought to myself "You should put that in your bag, not just next to it." I didn't.

Anyway, I got to work, and the English teacher apologized.

It seems that today is finals here at my visiting school. Tomorrow is finals at my base school. So, no classes today. She was supposed to tell me last week, but didn't. I'm not sure why she didn't call or e-mail, but I understand how hectic and crazy busy it gets (especially before finals).

I could take nenkyu and go home (and I have a bunch of nenkyu that I won't use before it expires at the end of next month), but I already have my computer set up....

If I had brought my cocoa, I'd sip coffee and study kanji all day. Hmm.

UPDATE: I brought cocoa last week!
But, you understand how hectic and crazy busy it gets (especially before finals)...right?

So, I'm sipping my coffee and studying the kanji, and MAN! How much did I skip last time around? 圭 is a kanji made up of the kanji for soil, doubled. It has the keyword "Squared Jewel", but the primitive meaning of ivy.
As a primitive, we shall use this character to mean ivy, that
creepy vegetation that covers the surface of the ground to
form a sort of “second” ground that can get somewhat tricky
to walk on without tripping.
That mnemonic, about ivy being a second ground....that's really handy! And I MISSED it when I was in this part of the book before!

I wonder what I'm missing this time through.

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