Thursday, February 02, 2006

[Link] Fun Movie Quiz

How many of these can you answer correctly, given only a small, grainy, poor-quality screenshot of the movie? (enable javascript to play)

If you get stuck, here are the answers. You dirty, dirty cheater.


  1. 22

    (with a little help from IMDb to get the correct spellings...they really need some sort of fuzzy logic interpreter to take care of articles [like "the"] and duplicate titles ["Leon"? Seriously?])

  2. It gave me 19, but my real score is 21. You're right, Kris, fuzzy logic is needed.

    There were a couple of films where I kept staring at the picture and saying, "I know this!" and when I read the answers, I said, "That's what I was trying to think of."


  3. Mwahaha! 23 on my first pass, before going to IMDb for spellings (which took me up to 27, but I needed hints for the last three).

    What bothered me was the inconsistency.

    I can understand "and" vs "&" is in the actual title, one isn't. And if you can't remember which, try one, then the other.

    And I can understand "Leon", a by-their-rules spelling of the original title.

    But, #8 uses the American retitle, so why not use the American retitle for "Leon"? Arguably the American retitle for #8 is better known (to English speakers), but so is the American retitle for "Leon".

    Ah, but the one that REALLY bothered me was #27, which ISN'T THE NAME OF ANY MOVIE AT ALL! Grrr. Stupid stupid trial and error.

  4. That's OK. The movie in #27 sucked anyway, so who cares?


    Let the flames begin!

  5. No, I agree with you. All sizzle, no steak.

  6. 21. Not too bad.

    Who else was sure that #22 was Apocalypse Now?

  7. That was my first guess also. What really got me was thinking that #14 was Twelve Monkeys. (squint squint)

    Stupid small low-res pictures...