Thursday, February 02, 2006

[Link] Fun Movie Quiz

How many of these can you answer correctly, given only a small, grainy, poor-quality screenshot of the movie? (enable javascript to play)

If you get stuck, here are the answers. You dirty, dirty cheater.


  1. 22

    (with a little help from IMDb to get the correct spellings...they really need some sort of fuzzy logic interpreter to take care of articles [like "the"] and duplicate titles ["Leon"? Seriously?])

  2. It gave me 19, but my real score is 21. You're right, Kris, fuzzy logic is needed.

    There were a couple of films where I kept staring at the picture and saying, "I know this!" and when I read the answers, I said, "That's what I was trying to think of."


  3. Mwahaha! 23 on my first pass, before going to IMDb for spellings (which took me up to 27, but I needed hints for the last three).

    What bothered me was the inconsistency.

    I can understand "and" vs "&" is in the actual title, one isn't. And if you can't remember which, try one, then the other.

    And I can understand "Leon", a by-their-rules spelling of the original title.

    But, #8 uses the American retitle, so why not use the American retitle for "Leon"? Arguably the American retitle for #8 is better known (to English speakers), but so is the American retitle for "Leon".

    Ah, but the one that REALLY bothered me was #27, which ISN'T THE NAME OF ANY MOVIE AT ALL! Grrr. Stupid stupid trial and error.

  4. That's OK. The movie in #27 sucked anyway, so who cares?


    Let the flames begin!

  5. No, I agree with you. All sizzle, no steak.

  6. I got 9. I wasn't trying very hard, though. Spent about 5 seconds looking at each pic. I should have got about a dozen more if I actually tried. I blame the low-res pics for my inability to get interested this site.

    Regardless of my score, there are still many films on my "to see" list.

  7. 21. Not too bad.

    Who else was sure that #22 was Apocalypse Now?

  8. That was my first guess also. What really got me was thinking that #14 was Twelve Monkeys. (squint squint)

    Stupid small low-res pictures...