Tuesday, February 28, 2006

[Work] The Verdict Is In

Last week, I was sick, and actually missed a day of work (Tuesday) for the first time ever.

This was such a unique situation that by the time I went home on Wednesday, it still wasn't sorted out whether it was going to be nenkyu or byokyu. Nenkyu is limited, byokyu (in theory) isn't.

Well, it's Wednesday again and the verdict has been handed down. It's nenkyu. In fact, I just witnessed the OL being chewed out by the kyoto-sensei for trying to file it under byokyu.

There are a lot of things I'm going to miss about this place. Things like this aren't among them.


  1. They must REALLY hate you.

  2. Actually, I think they LOVE me. I shudder to think how they'd treat me if they HATED me. o_O

  3. Not that it really matters which you take, since, in theory, you have about a thousand vacation days saved up. I guess it would be easier if you were actually allowed to use them. -)

  4. Hey Phoenix, I wanted to send you a quick thanks,. I used your instructions to make the description change on my blog. It took a couple tries, but now I think it looks cool.


  5. Thomas: This is true, which is why I didn't make a big deal about it. It's only two weeks of vacation, but it's highly unlikely that I'd be able to use it by the end of my contract (one more term).

    Jon: Looks good! I should really go and update my advice though. I changed my quotes script (on the sidebar) a few days ago, replacing the # in quotes[#]="..."; with c++ (ie, quotes[c++]="...";) with c=0 at the top. Now, I can move quotes around, add new quotes in the middle, etc, and I don't have to renumber.

    Wow, I am such a nerd. ^_^

  6. Your next challenge will be to make a header like http://roboshrub.blogspot.com/.

    And, you totally just lost me on your explanation there. But what I don't know about HTML, I make up for in reckless semi-enthusiasm.

  7. Don't get sucked in by the whole byokyu/nenkyu thing - it's your RIGHT to take byokyu if you're ill. Just because Japanese teachers take nenkyu when they're ill it doesn't mean you have to. Let's face it, most JTEs would throw themselves on a spike if it made them look more dedicated to their job.

    They tried to pull the old nenkyu switch on me last year when I was ill, but I soon sussed them out...

  8. It's tough since I'm super-ultra-competitive. I know that the Japanese teachers get more money and benefits, but I can't help but try and match my co-workers' levels of work-enthusiasm.

    If I hadn't been really sick, or if they hadn't had entrance exams coming up, I wouldn't have called in sick at all. I mean, I almost made it two years without missing a single day of work.

    Of course, I also wouldn't have called in sick if the phone had been further from my bed. I was very, very sick. I would have just had to lay there until someone found me (most likely my friendly landlord that comes into the house when he thinks I'm at work)...