Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of course!

So, my laptop started breathing its last not too long ago, around the end of December. It had had a good three-year run, and I was going to miss it, but I was ready to move on to bigger and better things. Faster things. More Mac than then old girl.

My next laptop was going to be a Mac. Specifically, a Macbook Pro, a desktop replacement computer. Just my speed.

But, it was too close to the Macworld Expo, so I couldn't buy one. If I bought one, and then they announced a new, better, faster one (for the same price) a month later? I'd lost it.

So I decided to wait for Macworld. Which I did.

It came, and went, and no new Macbook Pro was announced. W.......what?

Maybe they would follow up a week later? Maybe some bugs needed to be worked out, and it was just near the door but not quite ready for prime-time, but almost, and on its way?

I waited.

No new Macbooks.

I waited.

My laptop finally gave up the ghost, and now I was without a home computer. I began spending even more time at work (with my working work computer). And I waited.

Well, eventually.... I just couldn't wait anymore. I bought a Lenovo T61p. It's not a Mac, but it has pretty good bang for the buck.

It arrived yesterday.

The new Macbooks came out today.

Of course.

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  1. That sucks.

    If you want you could live vicariously through our Mac laptop, just come on over. It's a Powerbook, not a Macbook, but you could pretend.