Friday, June 20, 2008

Finding Businesses in Google Maps

Random thought of the day:

Looking for a clothing store near the hotel I'll be staying at in Lacey, I began to wonder what the other nearby businesses were. I can clearly see these large buildings with expansive parking lots, and no idea what business is there.

So, why don't businesses put their name on their roof? With satelite imagery (like Google Maps) becoming mainstream, this is an advertising venue they are totally missing out on. How much could it possibly cost?


  1. "How much could it possibly cost?"

    How much is a bucket of paint?

    Seriously, you're dead-on with this one. I remember when Kris and I were shooting aerial footage over Couer d'Alene one time, we flew over a shop with, "BAKERY" written in big, white, block letters that stood out against their dark roof. I think I even made a comment about it at the time. Of course, I have no idea where that bakery is, but it's a start.

  2. I forgot to check the "e-mail followups" checkbox. It's kind of lame that I have to post a second comment in order to activate the feature.