Thursday, June 05, 2008

Poor choices

My computer recently crashed with a blue screen of death. I was quite unprepared for it, since I hadn't restarted my computer in over a month. So I hadn't had a reason to close firefox. So... I hadn't saved my open tabs. Of which, there were many.

Oh, but I have Tab Mix Plus installed, right? That saves open tabs. And, even if it didn't, I still have my tabs from the previous two sessions, yes?

Obviously NO, otherwise why would I be posting about it?

TMP stores the previous two sessions AND the current session (in case of crash) in THE SAME FILE. So, if that file is being written to DURING the crash, everything is gone. The current tabs, the last session tabs, the previous tabs, EVERYTHING. Because they couldn't be arsed to separate these things into different files.

It's not the most retarded design decision I've seen this month, but it's pretty fucking close.

If you use firefox (which you should), and you use tmp (which you also should, it's just crap at sessions), may I heartily recommend Session Manager? It's about 1000x better, and works very well with tmp. Don't make the same mistake I made of relying on tmp. Because it will fail.

(By the way, the new version of firefox 3 is ridiculously fast. Best browser I've ever used, and I basically live online. Get it.)

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