Friday, June 06, 2008

Retarded Policeman (Episode 9: Boobies!)


Why did I laugh at this? It wouldn't appear to be my kind of humor at all.
"So, I should get rid of the hobo?"
Josh is funny.


  1. I think part of what makes it so funny is the way the girls react.

    Also, it helps that boobies is a funny word, and they say it about a hundred times.

  2. I think a lot of it is also Josh's delivery. In the episode before this one (if I remember the numbering correctly), he gets a taser.

    Josh: They just gave us Tasers. Let's go TAZY CRAZY!

    Argh, now I'm ruining it if you haven't watched it.

    Erg, after re-watching older episodes, I think you're right. The girls in Ep.9 are possibly the best of all the people he stops in the entire series.

  3. When we were making Dorm Life, Kris and I learned that, in comedy, the comedic act usually isn't as funny as other characters' reactions to the comedic act.

    Laurel and Hardy knew that creating and meeting an expectation was funny, but more laughs could be had by exceeding that expectation (in this case, the hobo shouting, "boobies!").