Sunday, July 20, 2008

Awesome PAX Adventure!

PAX is BACK (August 29th - 31st), and I'm totally going! But wait until you hear why.

So, very shortly after my return from Japan last summer, I attended PAX (the Penny-Arcade Expo), which happened to be in Seattle that same weekend. It was pretty cool, although I only got to go for one day, and I missed all the big stuff (Jonathan Coulton, Wil Wheaton) but I did get to see the second Mike/Jerry Q&A which was great stuff.

I also got some swag, mostly expo cruft but also a big case of ramen! There was a booth promoting a Naruto game, and the booth was like constructed with cases of ramen (Naruto's favorite food). Well, towards the end of the day, the guys running the booth just started handing the cases off to whomever was standing nearby (bonus for the crowd and less for them to pack out later, win win). I followed the stream of attendees carrying cases of ramen back to the source and got my own. ^_^ Sweet!

Unfortunately, I had been spoiled by years of living in Japan, and American ramen didn't cut it like it used to. I ate fewer and fewer packets as time went on, only returning to them at the end of each quarter like the poor hungry college student I was am. But I couldn't finish them off, and now that case sits in my office.

So, that was last year. ^_^

THIS year, (a few days ago, actually), "Gabe" posted a new contest on the Penny-Arcade site. Write about your previous PAX experience. In exactly seven words.

It was Wednesday afternoon when I saw this (the deadline day), and to make sure that I entered before I forgot, I wrote something on the spot and sent it off.
"I *STILL* haven't finished all this ramen!"
And if you know me at all, you totally see where this is heading. ^_^

About an hour ago, I got an e-mail with the subject "Congratulations!"
If you're getting this email, then yes! You've been selected as one of the 8 winners for your 7-word submission!


[Name and contact information requested here, etc]

Thanks, and congrats!

I totally won the contest. I won the hell out of it! I'm going back to PAX, baby!

Does... um, does anyone want to carpool to Seattle? :-/


  1. If carpooling with you to Seattle gets me in the doors at PAX, then count me in!

    Congrats, that's awesome!