Friday, July 25, 2008

Buying a TV

So, today's Woot is an Emerson 32" LCD HDTV
$399.99 + ($5 shipping).

HDTV for $405? Count me in, right? Whoa there, cowboy. A couple of the posters in the forum sent me to this:

Westinghouse SK-32H240S - 32 LCD HDTV - 1200:1 Contrast Ratio - 8ms Response Time - 2 HDMI / Factory Recertified

A Westinghouse SK-32H240S - 32 inch LCD with a better screen and way more inputs. (It's the inputs that do it for me), right now $430. No tax here in WA, free shipping (or $5 for expedited shipping). But wait, there's more! $10 off $200 in electronics knocks it down to $420, plus I can get another $30 off if I sign up for their visa card. So it's really $390 vs $405 shipped (both are refurbished). $15 less for a better TV. And the one offers the ability to purchase an extended warranty for $50 (Woot does not have this option).

Am I crazy to buy this? With the extended warranty, it's $440, which is more than a month's rent. And I don't have a job at the moment, so it would come out of my meager savings... but it's a good deal. The people who bought it either love it or had it break (hence the extended warranty). And I've been meaning to buy a TV since I came back from Japan. The previous TV I wanted went out of stock before I bought it (missed opportunity!). This is the best deal I've seen since then.

What do you guys think?


  1. definitely an interesting deal...but i think it's still up to you to decide whether you got the greens for it ;)