Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kinetic Typography

SURELY, I am the last person to discovery the kinetic typography videos on YouTube, yes? So, there's really no reason to blog about it.

But here are some of my favorites:

Pulp Fiction

Who's on first? (A classic bit; I also enjoy its many variations)

Peter Griffin dislikes "The Godfather" (Probably my favorite of the bunch right here ^_^)

(There are a lot more good ones out there)

I don't know what took me so long to finally see these. I guess they're just not the type of thing I normally watch. ;-)


  1. I know them as "Intonation Projects", but yeah - sometimes they can be super-duper amazing.

    My two favorites:


  2. D'oh. Let's try with actual, click-able links.

    The Perfect Girl and Little Atomic Bomb

  3. Nice! ^_^ Wedding Crashers makes me smile.

    The "Little Atomic Bomb" is quite timely, the day after tomorrow being the anniversary of Hiroshima. :-(