Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I ran across this: Show/Hide

What did I just watch? A trailer for the indie film Deadgirl from last year. Reviews are decidedly mixed. People love it or hate it. I'm probably in the latter category.

Why wouldn't I like it? Is it the gore? Well, I'm not a fan of blood, but no. Is it that it portrays all males to be dicks? No, that's pretty accurate so how can I take offense?

So then why?

Because it looks like a shitty film.

Here's a clip. Watch as one boy lovingly rubs dark lipstick all over his undead girl's lips, because who wants to spend their days raping a zombie if she looks all tired? (NSFW?) Show/Hide
I couldn't find an embeddable online version, so you have to make due with Blogger's meh video hosting.


Watch that and tell me you think it's quality. The acting is atrocious, the dialog .. man and don't even get me started on the effects. The acting is the worst though. AND THIS IS THE CLIP THEY PUT OUT THERE! The people that made this film looked at this clip and thought "Yeah, that's what we want to show people. That's some of our best work right there." Ridiculous.

Found a better trailer: Show/Hide

BTW, the official site is such crappy flash. LAME.

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