Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey Phoenix (Part II)

Hey Phoenix! How is your project coming along?
Fantastic! You know how I was trying to get the Tomoe kanji handwriting recognizer to work on the iPhone? It was totally a dead-end! I got to START ALL OVER with Zinnia! Yay, more programming!

Wait, weren't you working on Tomoe for like, months?
Yup! All wasted effort!

Super sweet!


  1. I couldn't get it to work.

    Zinnia is MUCH faster and more accurate, so in the end it's probably a good thing that I didn't get Tomoe working right away (because I wouldn't have looked for more).

    It turns out (much later) that my problem may have een in my original code, not in the Tomoe engine.

    Ah, well...