Monday, November 02, 2009


Just watched the First-Look for the V remake (starts tomorrow), and I gotta say: I am underwhelmed.

There are so many problems here, I'm not sure where to begin. Yes, I know a giant spaceship filled with extra-terrestrials is not realistic, but I can suspend my disbelief on that. BUT, nobody is looking up until the thing is over a city? Really? It's presence comes as a huge surprise and nobody is ready?

That was a fine premise when the original V aired. These days, that shit would be all over Twitter before they got through the cloud layer, let alone navigated to the nearest metropolis.

(And of course there is also the problem of the terrible acting from 50+% of the characters we saw, but whatever)

So, bad acting + cheesy dialog + lack of realism? I predict blockbuster hit. And then weep for the state of society.

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