Thursday, September 23, 2004

Don't Post while Under the Influence of SleepDep

To clear up some confusion, I wasn't Japan-Bashing with my previous post. I was just giving my opinion. You have to keep in mind that I'm a Jerk.

I still stand by my statement that Japanese are, on average, arrogant; just like Americans.

I was speaking from frustration (I flew halfway around the world to find out that everyone here is the same as everyone back home?), sleep deprivation (much like today, and by 'today' I mean 'everyday'), and without a filter.

I had my filter removed (the filter between your brain and the rest of your body that prevents you from saying what you think). I figured it was preventing me from posting to my blog. See, I write things down on scraps of paper, and tell myself that I'm going to write it up and put it on my blog. The problem is that I put so much effort into making everything I write better (part of my superiority complex) that I never got anything actually posted, or I wait so long to write it up that the actual details escape me. What is the point of keeping a blog journal if you don't actually do any journaling? Kind of defeats the purpose. If I could remember things long enough to write them up later, I wouldn't need to keep a journal in the first place.

So, I went to the doctor and had them take out my filter. I have it in a jar if I ever remember to take a picture of it.

So, now I can post every day without worrying what people think, and I get more thruput on my blog (which is good for me; less thoughts bouncing around my head to deal with), but the actual quality of the posts has declined considerably. But, without a filter, I don't care. :)


  1. "So, I went to the doctor and had them take out my filter."

    I've been looking into that lately. How much did you get yours done for? Did it hurt? Was it quick or did you have to stay in the hospital? -)

  2. It didn't hurt at all, and it's outpatient. I spent much more time in the waiting room than in the actual doctor's care.

    The procedure itself probably took less than a minute. The doctor came in, told me to say "ah", and reached into my mouth with what looked to me to be a pair of fancy pliers. I felt a tugging on the back of my mind, everything tasted purple for a second, and it was over.

    Unfortunately, sometimes the filter will grow back, so I have to keep going in for followups.

  3. Dude, I've said most of my aquaintences from ewu had let the filter grow to unacceptable proportions.

    A number of times I made comments, and everyone would look at me aghast, and all I could think was "What, it's not like you all didn't have exactly the same thought!"

    Good to see you're working without nets finally man!