Thursday, September 09, 2004

Nishi School Festival

Akamatsu sensei tells me that some students want to ask me a question. I say, sure. My spidey sense should have been tingling.

The students are going to sing "Top of the World." They want me to evaluate their performance. I say, sure.


Ah, more information. The students want me to come up on stage. 'To better hear them?' I wonder.


Ah, more information. The students want me to sing with them. O_o I inform them that, regrettably, I cannot sing. They seem to understand.


It's time. A student comes down and escorts me to the stage. "Where shall I stand?" "In the center."

But, then I would be in front of the singers. In the center of the stage.


the head student comes up and in one deft motion gives me the lyrics and snatches away my excuses. Sigh. Apparently, they want me to LEAD them in the song.


The awful truth about singing in Japan:
It really doesn't matter if you can't sing. I really can't sin, but neither could the head student, and he'd been practicing.

The head student announced that if everyone did well (according to, apparently, my judgment), they would get a prize of candy. Well, now. That pretty much solves my question of what to say; now I have to say they did well or I'm the bad-guy.

Anyway, I sang, and was complimented afterward. Which, if you've ever had the misfortune to hear me sing, boggles the mind.

Other highlights so far:
A love drama staring two boys (one in a skirt).

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