Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Devil is in the Details

Part of my job entails walking around the classroom and making sure that the students are writing down proper English. Today, I actually chuckled in class when I saw that one of my students had made a minor spelling error.

The student was transcribing a dialog involving "two tickets to a rock concert", and had misspelled the word "rock". Being family friendly, I can't say what type of concert he had written, only that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


  1. You suck, I found myself reading down the list until I found the applicable quote...

    And I HATED Sienfield. :p

  2. Doh!

    That last one was from Rob...


  3. Geez, who leaves an anonymous comment instead of getting their own account so they don't have to remember to sign their name? (That's a joke just for us).

    And don't take your phone-envy frustrations out on Seinfeld. ;)

    Actually, the episode that particular quote is from is one I have never actually seen. I saw the last maybe 30 seconds, and a clip from it once, but I know enough of the episode plot to get the reference. :D

    I like Seinfeld, but I think the Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman were better (I have a link to it around here somewhere....ah, I remember were it is, I put it at GOOGLE.COM so I wouldn't lose may have to do a search though, I store a lot of my links there). I would have liked to have seen more of those (maybe with the Green Lantern...). The second episode is better than the first.