Sunday, December 18, 2005

[iPod] Gift

I'm thinking about giving my girlfriend an iPod for her birthday. Does anyone have any suggestions on which one I should get?


  1. The nano's have a tendency (no, I can't spell well) to be delicate, they've had problems with the screen cracking. I have a mini, which I like, and have yet to fill, nd has survived several nasty drops.
    I don't care for the iPods that can play video, simply because the screen is so tiny. It seems silly and a waste, but that's just me.
    Whatever you choose, get a warranty/protection plan of some sort. While I haven't had any problems in 6 months, the minis are known for funky battery problems. From what I've heard, every model has it's own personal gremlins.
    Good luck, and nice gift idea

  2. Thanks for the advice. ^_^

    Yeah, I don't understand the attraction for video iPods myself. I supposed, if you have a long train ride, it would be better than nothing. Personally, I'd just bring a book. ^_^

    We're going to go window shopping for one this weekend. She tells me that teachers get a discount of some sort, but I don't know if that counts here in Japan. At $400, a little discount would go a long way. ^_^

  3. Online I'm pretty sure you would get a discount, but I'm have no clue about buying from a store. Apple gives education discounts through their online store for both teachers and students. It would have been off $20.00 my iPod, not a lot, but some.