Sunday, December 04, 2005

[Slashdot] WWJD? JWRTFM!

It's spreading. Google has 373 hits for JWRTFM


  1. I'm sorry but I had to say this, and you could say I'm sexist (which I'm not) but I'll be the first to admit this isn't true of all males....but Jesus would not read the fucking manual because he was a MAN!

    But I suppose that is okay because if Mary tried to read it she probably wouldn't have understood it because she was a woman.

  2. I still like the one I came up with a while back:

    WWJD? Jesus would put down the cell phone and drive!

    Or this related one:

    WWJD? Jesus would use his turn signal!

    (Can you tell I have a grudge against stupid drivers? And lots of bottled-up rage?)

    Anyone who can provide me with either of these (or both!) in bumber sticker form gets a fresh batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies! ;)

    Also, I just learned that the Blogger comments thingie is smart enough to warn you if you don't close all your HTML tags. Shiny!

  3. Shiny!
    Ahahaha! ^_^

    You know, there's a definite way to get over your frustration with American drivers. It's a bit expensive, and there is some time investment, but it works. Here's what you do:

    Come to Japan. You can stay at my place. Hang out for about a month. Go driving around sometimes.

    That's it. Assuming you survive to return to America, you will be so thankful that they aren't driving around in the middle of the night with their lights off (black cars only) or going 20km/h over the limit in the oncoming lane that you won't even notice the other minor infractions.

    Turn signals? Bah! You must be new here.

    If you can't afford a round-trip ticket to Fukui, go rent the PS2 game Burnout. You know how you drive in Burnout? That's how ALL THE OTHER DRIVERS DRIVE in Japan. It's like Burnout in reverse.

    Come to think of it, that might make for a fun game. ^_^ See how long you can go without being crashed into by the other crazy drivers...

    (watch how they steal that idea for Burnout 5: Escape)

  4. I love it! I was just searching for elementary teachers on this thing cause I'm gonna be one and I found your blog. I'm surprised at how hard it's turned out to be to find elementary teachers that aren't afraid to say something a little more racy than "Staying late tonight made me really T.O.ed" (not a direct quote) Thank goodness you aren't all that way! (I'd really hate to's so frustrating.)