Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Weight Loss: Week One

I followed a link Thomas made to a guy who lost 30 pounds in three months, keeping a spreadsheet. So I started keeping one, too.

It's interesting to see the huge weight shifts. Yesterday I was 233.0, today I'm 230.4. Have I lost two and a half pounds overnight? Not really, it's just a weight shift.

So, for my weekly* updates, I'm going to put the most recent 5-day-moving-average, instead of the daily weigh.

(*well... last week it was on Tuesday, this week it's on Wednesday, next week... who knows?)

Time so far: 1 week

Starting weight: 231.4 lbs
Current (avg) weight: 232.28 lbs
Target weight: <180

Starting body-fat: 31.2%
Current (avg) body-fat: 32.72%**
Target body-fat: <25%

(**also, my fat scale seems to be nearly completely random, so I don't know how helpful this is)

So, according to this, I've gained some pounds and fat. Apparently my all-bacon diet is backfiring horribly. Or, I was on a low weight-shift that first day. So, maybe I'll start from this first averaged data instead. We shall see!

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