Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weight Loss: Week Three

Another week, another weigh-in. Not much change this week. Of course, sustainable weight-loss is often pegged at 1-2 pounds per week, so I guess I'm on schedule.

Time so far: 3 weeks

Starting (avg) weight: 232.28 lbs
Previous (avg) weight: 231.56 lbs
Current (avg) weight: 229.08 lbs
Change this week: 2.48 lbs
Target weight: <180

Starting (avg) body-fat: 32.72%
Previous (avg) body-fat: 31.86%
Current (avg) body-fat: 31.1%
Change this week: 0.76%
Target body-fat: <25%

My all-fudge-brownie diet is paying dividends. ^_^

Looking back over the week, I see that, yet again, I didn't go to the gym very often, and didn't watch my food intake very much. But "not very much" is loads more than "not at all". I'm still surprised at how little effort is required, just as long as it's more than nothing. Although, the same exact thing happened when I lost all my weight a few years ago.

It's clear that strength-training (this week), as opposed to cardio-vascular workouts (last week), are more beneficial weight-wise. Now, if I could just get my ass to the gym every morning...

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