Monday, March 16, 2009

But Of Course...

"I don't have it." It was the final day of the final course, and at this final meeting it was time to turn in our final papers and give our final presentations.

I did not have my final paper.

Well, in a sense, I did. I had actually done all the required work, and the vast majority of the written portion of the final paper had been written. Just not in that final paper; the bits and bytes were scattered over a half-dozen of my other papers and notes. So, in another more accurate sense, I did not have it.

My confession of lack did not raise an eyebrow in my professor. "Of course," his bemused expression seemed to say, "you don't have it. Why would you bother telling me this? I took it as a given. You're Phoenix!. Flies gotta fly, ducks gotta duck, Phoenix gotta be late. Late to class, late to turn in homework... If Phoenix were a woman, there would be a pregnancy scare on a regular basis."

Sorry for the dearth of posts as of late. It is the end of the term, and I am at school.

Working on my final paper.


  1. What did you think? It was some kind of state secret?

    I mean after you have seen the same reel of film 100^6 times...then some people do tend to expect the same ending.
    So what film are you working on now?

  2. Update: I had originally told my professor that I would send him my paper "tonight".

    Since I had so very little sleep while preparing for the presentation, I decided to catch a little cat nap under my desk.

    It's now almost 6am, and I've just been awoken by Joy, a member of the awesome cleaning crew, which means my cat nap was 10 hours long. :-/

    Even when I say I'm going to be late, I'm really going to be even later.