Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The short movie Signs was on Digg recently. Normally I don't post Digg stuff, but Signs isn't the point of this post. But here it is anyway.

Signs (12 minutes) Show/Hide

One of the comments said that it reminded them of Validation.

Validation (16 minutes) Show/Hide

One of the related videos for Validation was Still Life.

Still Life (9 minutes) Show/Hide

Now, my point is about Still Life, but it might be a spoiler. My current spoiler tag requires you to highlight the text to read it. It's like it's 1994. I'll fix it one of these days, but until then I'll just use the toggle-hide tags. FIXED

Why was the car out of gas? If it had been left running, that might make sense, but he was in the middle of driving, then turns it off (you can see him put the key back in). So why was it out of gas, except as a contrived necessity of the plot?


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