Saturday, April 04, 2009


I was on Digg recently and there was a thread on 10 Commercials that are Exercises in WTF.

Those 10 were OK, but better ones appeared in the comments.

Feel Great (Nutrigrain)

Apparently this is from 2003. I missed it.

Sync Is Everything (FusionONe)

Short and sweet. I didn't get it until the end.

Swiss Family Robinson (Emerald Nuts)

Low volume warning. Heavy into WTF territory on this one.

Tailor / Mirror (Skittles)
translation from comments
Man on Suit: "Wait... I'm not eating Skittles"
Tailor (Thai): "Hey! You can't eat during work!"
Filipino: "But I am hungry"
Tailor:" "I don't understand what you're saying"
Filipino: "I am hungry so I am going to eat"
Tailor: "You lazy worker!"
Filipino: "Don't you... (gibberish)... Don't do this to me."
Thai: (starts speaking gibberish)
Filipino: "Son of a ****, I want to... (*kicks mirror*)"
Thai: "Hehehehe"
The obligatory Skittles commercial

Finally, the REAL reason for the post:

Japanese Year Three Teachers (Fanta)

This is a whole series of commercials (in Japanese, but with subtitles). As a former 3rd Grade Teacher in Japan (third year in middle school, equivalent to high school freshman), I identified with this commercial. ^_^ There are more (sans subtitles). This was posted to YouTube in 2006, so it must have aired in Japan while I lived there. I guess I didn't watch enough TV. :-/

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