Wednesday, April 01, 2009

You can't just CWalken to Twittor

(Sorry, title is three memes deep, and I'm not going to explain them)

So, CWalken, the "Christopher Walken" twitter account, has been removed (impersonations are verboten).

I'm glad.

See, I loved the CWalken tweets, but I hate everything about Twitter (including the terminology. Tweets? I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS).

I almost even made a twitter account, just to follow CWalken more easily.

But, now that they've banned the account, I won't have to do that. In fact, now that the only interesting (to me) thing about twitter is no more, I can forget about it entirely.

The ONE THING I regret is not keeping a record of my favorite CWalkens. SOMEONE should do the same CWalken thing*, except with a blog. (CWalken at Blogspot is already taken by a couple of douchesacks that don't even use it)

*And by "The Thing" I mean how CWalken wasn't written by just one guy. It was an open account; people who thought of something that would be funny if said by Christopher Walken would post stuff to the account. Now, I think a little moderation would have been better, but the basis is sound.


  1. Good news! I wanted to read the cwalken page but didn't have a twitter account so I had someone copy and send it to me before they deleted the account. Here are the old cwalken posts if you want to look for your favorites

  2. No problem. I've visited twitter just to see what it's about and maybe I just don't know what I'm doing but it seems silly and useless, like a blog for people who can't write more than one or two sentences.